Pit of Emptiness

I bear a pit of emptiness inside me. It’s hard to explain. Although I’m flooded with emotion, I feel empty. Like a pool that’s been sliced open and all my innards have rushed out.

I can see my heart beating on the ground trying to push the blood into my organs that are now stowed next to my body. For I no longer have a home for them.

Their home is now the hell which haunts me as I struggle to pull myself place to place, day after day, as I savagely dig the tips of my fingers into the dirt until they bleed. All this to get to where I’m going while leaving a trail of what is left of me.

Where am I going? To an abyss of torture and suffering? For that’s where I have been residing for far too long.




  1. Victoria says:

    Abigail, your destiny is far greater than your circumstances. Continue to spill your tears for the world to read, continue to feel what YOU NEED to feel. You are a beautifully strong woman because you continue to try and reach for positive relief despite a deep pain that not another human being can possibly understand. Please be encouraged. 1 step, 1 day at a time. We’re here.

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  2. Victoria says:

    Abigail, I’m so blessed to know you, really I am. No one, not one human on this earth knowso what you’re feeling and how it affects you. I only know that you’re a beautifully strong woman that faces each day with the strength that she has mustered up from within. I’m glad that you spill your tears in ways to heal yourself as you reach for the next moment to make it through such misunderstood anguish. I want u to know you’re supported, whatever you need, PLEASE don’t hesitate.

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