My world was pulled from under me, I smack my face on the floor.

I’m bleeding out but there’s no tourniquet for my heart. I grasp to cover the holes that spew my being out onto the surface.

I get hit with fits of rage, uncontrollable misery.

My heart is beyond mutilated. My awareness is mangled, perception distorted.

I come to screaming through tears, “This isn’t my life. This isn’t how my life is.”

Skin feels bruised, shaking from constant tension.

Cheeks swollen, red, burn with each tear that drags downward; Gathering under my chin like a pool of emotion dripping down my neck, flowing over my weeping heart.

This heart that’s trying to rip through my flesh, into my hands where I can undoubtedly see it, hear it.

Yet I feel like a barren shell that once felt warmth and love. Now abandoned, numb.