I find myself asking why can’t I be enough, over and over again.

Why isn’t my love enough? Why isn’t my presence enough? Why isn’t my caring heart enough?

No one can seem to answer the question.

I’ve always had to be the good one. The one who made the right choices. Why aren’t they enough?

I’ve always had to be the one to hold you when you cried, when you were scared. Why isn’t my embrace enough?

I’ve always had to be the one everyone can come to, to count on fully and completely. Why isn’t that enough?

I’m always the understanding one. Holding everyone’s feeling so delicately, keeping them from falling apart. But why can’t I be enough?

How can I be so wise, so loving, so unselfish and still not be enough for anyone?

How do I become enough?

…enough of what…enough for who…enough where, when…

How much is it when enough is enough?