A Haunting Day…

Today my future is black. A black hole of the unknown.

I am completely broken. I don’t just feel broken for I know I am broken. My soul is shattered. My spirit dead. My emotions expired.

How am I to live? How am I to love? How am I to be? For I am no longer me. The one I use to be is extinct. My spirit is callous, my soul weeping.

Nothing even has a spark of similarity.

Today is a Haunting Day…



  1. Aunt carrie says:

    You write beautifully,even in sadness. Write a book Abi, change your world thru your writing😚 love aunt carrie

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  2. Brad says:

    Writing is such a personal way to communicate feelings, and I support you totally in this. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Aunt Ida says:

    Writing is a great way to express. Abi you do this very well. I love you!

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